Why Chironix? Meet our Director of Product & Technical Strategy


Date published
April 22, 2021
Jeremy Webb
Director of Product & Technical Strategy

What’s your goal here?

The iPhone came out in my final year of high school, few generations before us have had the opportunity to see the world change at such a rapid, and dramatic pace. The reason I mention this is that, today humans and smartphones are somewhat a seamlessly integrated system, it’s difficult to see where one and the other begin and end -- how smart are you with and without your phone?, how capable?, how bored?, how naked or alone do you feel without it? -- I believe before my time is up that we have a similar opportunity to form a relationship in which we collaborate with robots and achieve more

As for what that more is, well… I invite you to come join us and be a part of ushering it in.

Why Chironix?

I seem to always find myself at places tackling some of the most interesting, difficult, and, important problems.

I came in for the tech, but I’d be lying if I didn’t acknowledge the people aspect - our team here are simply… awesome.

I’ve always been attracted to companies that are working at the forefront of their respective industries, before Chironix I was at a company tackling teleoperation for space robotics, before that a company doing VR.

Ultimately I believe that science and technology are the tools which will bring about a more utopian future for our society, rather, than what the pessimists may say the trajectory is.

Who am I?

I’m Jeremy Webb, the Director of Product and Technical Strategy here at Chironix.