Productivity gains through operational efficiency

Our intuitive PilotOS platform enables the human interaction of safe, smart and reliable remote robotic operations
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PilotOS enables confident and reliable control of robots in hybrid teams through its user-friendly interface and remote control capabilities. By facilitation high quality data collection and efficient inspection responsibilities, the platform empowers human-robot teams to achieve pre-determined onsite outcomes in a safe and dependable manner. PilotOS will add value to your organisation through the implementation of smart applied robotic solutions that will result in significant gains in productivity, processes and enhanced operational efficiency.

Key Benefits
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operational efficiency

Safely increase
operational efficiency

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Risk Mitigation

Minimise risk with a future proof, proven and scalable solution

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Workforce support

Promote your people away from dangerous, difficult and dull tasks


Better human-robot team situational awareness

Assist your robot's navigation by monitoring its current location simultaneously by GPS map, live robot camera feed and 2D LiDAR map.

GPS waypoint navigation

Click-and-forgot waypoint navigation setting with the ability to update a robot's path on the fly.

Manage all of your robots at once

PilotOS makes it possible to monitor, command, and task multiple unmanned ground vehicles from one place. With this live view of activity, you can be anywhere and still control your entire robot fleet.

Adaptive mission planning

Plan your mission as a human-robot team to consider local mapped terrain with onboard robotic adaptive navigation.

Follow The Leader

Allow your people in the field to take direct control of the robot using simple and intuitive hand signals and follow-the-leader mode.


Scenario: Conveyor Belt Monitoring

Robotic inspection of conveyor systems for reduced downtime is a hand in glove solution to increased operational efficiency. Gather thermal data to enable data driven insights to predict conveyor system failure. Implementation is non-disruptive to infrastructure and operations, and easy to scale and demonstrate results and ROI.

Mine site photo of robot inspecting a conveyor belt
Scenario: Substation Inspection

Robotic substation inspection offers a valuable solution for improving the safety, reliability, and efficiency of electrical substations. It enables thorough and efficient inspections, enhances data collection and analysis capabilities. In-turn, this minimises the risks associated with human intervention in hazardous environments, and the collection of inconsistent or unreliable data. By utilising robotic inspection along with our PilotOS platform, substations can benefit from enhanced inspection processes, proactive maintenance strategies, and improved overall operational reliability.

Robot at a substation
Scenario: Distribution

On a mine site, autonomous vehicles are common place but when people are mixed into the environment it often requires a shut-down of key equipment in close-vicinity. When human delivery of equipment is required at live mine sites this often results in costly delays due to safety protocols forcing autonomous vehicles to shut down.

PilotOS enables the coordination of autonomous distribution of equipment at live mine sites without placing humans at risk. The platform also allows every robot on a site to be accounted for and followed at all times.

Haulage trucks in a mine site
Scenario: Inspection

Oil and Gas plants are complex and expansive environments. Equipment in these environments often needs regular maintenance that requires human-expertise, but with varied equipment comes varied tools. When those tools are sometimes separated by location, you might need a robot to bring them to your human workers.

When time is money, the PilotOS platform could be the most efficient way of bringing a tool to a person across a site. It could take less than half the time of a person travelling from one end of a site to the other.

oil and gas facility
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Remote operation with
autonomous navigation

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Versatile Data Collection

Sensor integration for
thermal inspection

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Focussed for control

Our platform incorporates an intuitive graphical user interface

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