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Chironix specialises in seamlessly integrating automated and intuitive robotics solutions for the resource, utilties and defence sectors. We focus on delivering tangible outcomes that cater to the needs of safety-conscious and efficiency-driven organisations. Our expertise extends to two key areas: remote operations and autonomous mobile inspections. We support the growth of the robotics industry and actively contribute to the education sector for future engineers of software and mechatronics.


Our services support a range of applied robotic software, platforms, education and project management consulting.
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Robots that seamlessly integrate with your workforce

Your team stands at the forefront of your organisation solving complex challenges every day. At Chironix, we are dedicated to delivering tangible value to operations within the resource, utilities and defence sectors. Through seamless integration of automated robotics solutions into your workforce, we empower you to minimise risk, enhance productivity, and drive innovation.

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Communicate with Robots Intuitively

With PilotOS, communicating with a robot has never been easier — this advanced intuitive platform allows you to communicate with robots just as easily as you would a fellow teammate. PilotOS gives human-robot teams gains in productivity through reliable and remote robotic operations.

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We support the growth and advancement of the robotics industry. As part of our commitment, we actively contribute to the education sector fostering the development of future engineers of software and mechatronics. Learn the fundamentals of robotic engineering from industry leaders in their field.

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Discovering the Future of Robotics with AgileX's Limo Robots

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