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Chironix's robots are designed to help you make your company more efficient, agile and profitable. They're future-ready to work at any time, in any terrain, for as long as you need.

Turn your robot into a teammate

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Robotics for education

Robotics is the industry of the future. Stay ahead of the curve today.
Communicate with Robots Intuitively

With PilotOS, communicating with a robot has never been easier. This advanced technology allows you to communicate with robots just as easily as you would another person.

Robots that seamlessly integrate with human workplaces

Your team is on the frontline solving complex challenges everyday. Our goal at Chironix is to enhance your people with robotic sensors to free them from the dirty, dangerous and dull jobs.

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“Chironix has been instrumental in guiding my team towards the correct Unmanned Ground Vehicle for our application. I highly recommend engaging with Chironix, who are experts in human-machine teaming.”
Pete Bowmar
Science Researcher / Defence Technology Agency (New Zealand)
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Where did Chironix all begin?