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With robots as teammates, things which were once difficult and sometimes outright impossible can now be done safer, quicker, and in a more cost-effective way.
2 roboticists working on a spot robot

To build a future where humans and robots work together as a team, communicating in a naturalistic and mutually supportive manner, to achieve common goals.

Chironix is a robotics company that provides platform-agnostic robots to help businesses take on robots as part of their workforce. We provide UGVs, service robots, and autonomous ground vehicles that take care of dull, dirty, and dangerous work. Robots that work with humans.

At Chironix, we believe that robots can help businesses take on tasks that are dull, dirty, or dangerous. Introducing robots smoothly into the workforce where humans may face limitations is one of the things we do. This means your company can grow while focusing on what matters. With Chironix, every robot is a teammate at your service.

If your company’s having difficulty expanding due to a worker shortage, it’s time to look at teaming your humans with robots.
Daniel Milford

Be the human

As “the human”, we are here to represent every person who interacts with our software, our hardware, and our company.


Trust is the foundation of our work - we trust in ourselves, each other and what we deliver to our customers. Because of this, our customers and partners trust us and return for further engagement.

Own It

We take ownership of our work. This means we celebrate our success and share it with others, and acknowledge our failures and learn from them.


We exceed expectations, both our own and those of others. We are the experts in the room and demonstrate excellence when it really counts.

Empower the customer

Above all, we are here for our customers.
We are here to help them reach their goals. We demonstrate excellence when it really counts.

Our team

We’re a tightly-knit team made up of experts with a diverse range of backgrounds.

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