More efficient operations and maintenance offshore

Helping you move, monitor, command and control an entire fleet of robots, while also keeping you in touch with your team on the ground.
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PilotOS enables safe and semi-autonomous robotic inspection on offshore facilities for more efficient operations and maintenance. Empower your workforce with reliable remote operation for gains in safety and productivity.

Key Benefits

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Make Your Workforce
More Efficient

Remotely increase the efficiency of onsite operations

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Reduce Unscheduled

Minimise unscheduled downtime and unexpected failures of critical infrastructure

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Accurately and Reliably
Collect Data

Alleviate your workforce from dangerous, dirty, difficult and dull tasks


Better human-robot team situational awareness

Assist your robot's navigation by monitoring its current location simultaneously by GPS map, live robot camera feed and 2D LiDAR map.

GPS waypoint navigation

Click-and-forgot waypoint navigation setting with the ability to update a robot's path on the fly.

Manage all of your robots at once

PilotOS makes it possible to monitor, command, and task multiple unmanned ground vehicles from one place. With this live view of activity, you can be anywhere and still control your entire robot fleet.

Adaptive mission planning

Plan your mission as a human-robot team to consider local mapped terrain with onboard robotic adaptive navigation.

Follow The Leader

Allow your people in the field to take direct control of the robot using simple and intuitive hand signals and follow-the-leader mode.


Attention to detail


Consistency of effort


Robots affected by fatigue


Scenario: Offshore monitoring of assets for thermal data

Use PilotOS for remote inspection of assets in offshore locations. Critical infrastructure can be monitored for thermal data and inspected for outcomes such as proactive maintenance and reduced downtime. Remotely control robots from a command centre, allowing frontline workers to physically remove themselves from hazardous environments.

Spot robot in a gas facility
Scenario: Gas leak detection

Sensors can quickly detect gas leaks in large industrial facilities, including refineries and natural gas processing plants. This early detection can prevent potential accidents and reduce environmental risks.

oil and gas facility
Scenario: Remote operation and control

In remote or challenging locations, robots can be used to operate valves, control equipment, read gauges and perform other tasks that would typically require human intervention. This remote control capability improves safety and reduces the need for sending humans into remote or dangerous sites.

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