Discovering the Future of Robotics with AgileX's Limo Robots


Date published
November 9, 2023

If you’re passionate about robotics and are looking for robot platforms to help you develop your programming skills, the Limo has been a great starting point for a year now. AgileX first released this platform in 2022 and has expanded the lineup to suit different levels of integration. At Chironix, we’re thrilled to see the different packages that Limo offers. Education robots have already reshaped how students learn and innovate in robotics.

Introducing the Limo Robot Lineup

AgileX's Limo robot lineup presents a wealth of opportunities for aspiring engineers, mechatronics enthusiasts, and robotic engineering students. This lineup is designed with education in mind and offers three distinct options:

Limo - Your Gateway to Autonomous Navigation

Limo - The base model, Limo, serves as a versatile multi-modal ROS robot development platform. It features a scalable structure and is fully ROS-compatible, making it ideal for applications that require autonomous navigation. Students in robotics engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science will find this platform perfect for their projects and robotics challenges.

Limo Pro - Master the Future of Robotics

Limo Pro - Limo Pro takes robotics to the next level with the integration of the NVIDIA Orin Nano, EAI T-mini Pro LiDAR, and Orbbec Dabai depth camera. These enhancements enable robust environmental perception and intelligence for autonomous navigation, obstacle avoidance, and visual recognition applications.

Limo ROS2 - Explore, Innovate, Excel

Limo ROS2 - The Limo ROS2 robot is equipped with an Intel NUC i7 processor, running ROS 2 on Ubuntu 22.04. It provides an essential platform for autonomous mobile robot research and education, helping students develop the skills they need for the future.

Educational Advancements with Limo Robots

These Limo robots are more than just gadgets; they are educational tools that empower students to develop programming, mechatronics, and robotic engineering skills. Each model comes with its unique set of capabilities:

  • Limo connects to open-source ROS and the Gazebo simulator, granting access to free demos and sample programs for artificial intelligence development, including autonomous navigation, mapping, obstacle avoidance, and route planning. Optionally, you can add a specially designed simulation table, simplifying the process of testing model applications.
  • Limo Pro features powerful computing capabilities with the NVIDIA Orin Nano, enabling stable multi-sensor data fusion and SLAM mapping. It encourages users to expand and develop robotics applications, supporting multiple robots for swarm coordination and fleet movements.
  • Limo ROS2 boasts extremely powerful computing capabilities and supports high-precision mapping, autonomous localisation, navigation planning, and dynamic obstacle avoidance. It also promotes collaborative perception, decision-making, and control, opening the door for advanced robotic research and development.

Real-world Impact and Future Prospects

Chironix has already distributed Limo robots to educational institutions across Australia, making these cutting-edge robots accessible to a growing number of students. As for AgileX Robotics, their commitment to innovation means that they will continue to release new robots throughout the year, ensuring that you stay at the forefront of robotic technology.

In conclusion, these platforms are designed to be beginner-friendly, offering an excellent starting point for students looking to dive into ROS and become proficient in the art of robotics. AgileX Robotics and Chironix aim to pave the way for a bright future in robotics, and with the Limo robots, you can be a part of this exciting journey.

Ready to embark on your own robotic adventure? Explore the world of AgileX's Limo robots and discover the limitless possibilities they offer for your education and future career in robotics. Find out more about Limo, here.

About AgileX Robotics

AgileX Robotics boasts an impressive track record in the world of mobile robotics. Their dedicated team, comprising experts from leading companies like DJI and Mathworks, as well as renowned scientific research institutions, has collaborated with over a thousand enterprises, including industry giants like Alibaba and Huawei, and more than fifty top global universities. AgileX Robotics has successfully deployed more than a thousand applications across various industries, from autonomous driving to academic research and agriculture management.