Chironix Signs Distribution Agreement with Vuzix to Further Empower Frontline Workers

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October 17, 2023

Chironix is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Vuzix Corporation (NASDAQ: VUZI), a leading supplier of Smart Glasses and Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Chironix is now an official distributor of Vuzix devices across the Asia-pacific region. This collaboration is set to revolutionise how frontline and remote workers across multiple industries operate in the field and access expertise and guidance.

Chironix specialises in harnessing robotics and wearable technology to support the human workforce. Our mission is to bridge the gap between experts and those in need, regardless of their location. Through this partnership, Chironix will distribute Vuzix Smart Glasses under the Metix store, our dedicated marketplace for wearable technology.

Electrical Specialist using Vuzix M400 smart glasses
Electrical Specialist using Vuzix M400 smart glasses

These smart glasses fill the crucial communication-tech void that Metix is renowned for addressing. Previous products in the Metix Store have empowered workers with hands-free communication capabilities. Our overarching goal is to enhance productivity by connecting frontline workers with the right experts, regardless of their physical location, and Vuzix devices are instrumental in achieving this objective.

Ash Vadolia, Head of Brand at Chironix, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: "Vuzix devices will help connect experts with remote workers and trainees on the other side of the planet. We look forward to supporting the workforce with these products."

Vuzix Corporation, founded in 1997, is a distinguished optical technology company with specialised manufacturing expertise. The company is at the forefront of designing, manufacturing, marketing, and selling optical components, waveguides, smart glasses, and AR solutions. Vuzix offers highly configurable products, providing custom configurations for clients and custom manufacturing for OEM partners. Its origins in R&D for next-generation military display solutions have evolved into a leadership position in supplying rugged smart glasses and augmented reality technologies across diverse industries, delivering cutting-edge waveguide optics to the world.

Vehicle Mechanic using Vuzix smart glasses for maintenance tasks
Vehicle Mechanic using Vuzix smart glasses for maintenance tasks

Metix, the wearable technology division of Chironix, has evolved from developing software for Glass for Enterprise to becoming a distributor of supportive, wearable devices adopted by businesses in various sectors, including utilities, resources, medical, auto mechanic, education, and training. Vuzix devices will now be available for purchase through the Metix Store.

Market verticals that will benefit from this collaboration include utilities, resources, medical, auto mechanics, education, and training.

Chironix and Vuzix are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead in enhancing the capabilities of frontline workers across multiple industries. We are committed to fostering innovation and productivity through our partnership.

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Nurse wearing Vuzix Blade 2 smart glasses
Nurse wearing Vuzix Blade 2 smart glasses