Project Simpson to Deliver 21st Century Casualty Care


Date published
November 9, 2019

Chironix has secured a contract with the US Office of Naval Research (ONR) to develop and demonstrate a technology system that will significantly improve outcomes for casualties in the field.Project Simpson, named in honour of the ANZAC stretcher bearer Jack Simpson, will integrate three cutting edge technologies that will allow a single medic to provide a casualty with life saving treatment, monitor key vital sign hands-free and evacuate the casualty to a field hospital or other safe zone for continued treatment.

An all terrain ground vehicle will be programmed to autonomously navigate the patient to safety. This will be integrated with a vital signs monitor that will display key information to the attending medic through a Glass for Enterprise heads-up display unit, while emergency treatment will be delivered through an automated critical care system . “As a technology startup that is beginning to scale, this is a significant contract for Chironix,” Daniel Milford, Chironix’s Founder and Managing Director said.  “We are looking forward to applying the team’s robotics and software engineering skills to a project that will optimise the patient care process and empower medical first responders in the field.”While initially developed for defence, the system can be applied to any medical emergency and will be available for deployment to paramedic and natural disaster relief providers.

A prototype of the system will be demonstrated in November 2019.