Metix Saving Lives

Wearable Tech

Date published
October 16, 2020

#Metix by Chironix is saving lives, allowing experts to provide support to a surgeon in real time from anywhere in the world. The capacity to have a global expert on hand to provide advice and guidance to an operation being conducted anywhere in the world, has potential to substantially improve outcomes for a range of complex medical procedures.

Congratulations to the Perfusion team at Queen Mary Hospital in Hong Kong for successfully completing their first case using Spectrum Medical’s Quantum Perfusion System (QPS). On Wednesday 7th October the first adult cardiopulmonary bypass procedure, in South East Asia, was completed using the QPS. This was followed by the first paediatric case on Thursday morning.

Continuing Spectrum Medical’s commitment to on-going customer support, during these cases a pair of smart glasses provided by Chironix, and equipped with inbuilt HD camera, microphone and speaker were used. The Metix software enabled video and audio feeds to be streamed real-time to Spectrum Medical clinical support specialists located in Australia.

The Perfusionists in control of the HLM were able to communicate and ask questions, hands-free and directly, with the specialists throughout the procedure. This allowed the Perfusionists to receive guided support and instructions as the specialists viewed the case from a first-person point of view.

Great work Spectrum Medical Ltd and the team, running two successful surgeries this week. Spectrum Medical thanks Integmed Ltd and the Queen Mary Hospital cardiac surgical team for their support and collaboration.