Meet the Interns: Chaitany + Edward


Date published
December 13, 2022
Ash Vadolia
Head of Brand

As part of our meet the team series of articles, we thought to write a feature on two of our latest interns. Chaitany and Edward have been with us for a couple of weeks so we thought to share their characters; get their perspective on the happenings at Chironix and ask them what they’ve learned from the experience so far.

As students coming into the robotics industry, their perspectives are fresh and their pathways could be useful for more new-comers to the world of robotics.

I’ve collected their interview questions below, but firstly, a little background of each of the guys: 

  • Chaitany Goyal is currently studying Mechatronics Engineering and Computer Science at Curtin University. He got into Robotics in High School when he built a robot for a competition and realised how rewarding the experience of building a robot is.
Chaitany - Our intern from Curtin University
  • Edward Finnie is a 22 year old engineering student currently studying at UWA specialising in electronics and signals. He has always been good with computers so was naturally drawn to engineering as a career path.
Edward - Our intern from UWA
Coffee or Tea?

Cheitany: I prefer Tea. Especially well made masala tea.

Edward: Tea

What’s your favourite colour?

Cheitany: Blue

Edward: Purple

What unique experience have you gained so far from Chironix?

Cheitany: One unique experience that I gained from Chironix was; when I got to unpack and test Chironix’s new robot.

Edward: Being able to interact with a variety of mobile robot platforms is a pretty unique experience for me.

What’s your favourite fictional robot or famous Robot?

Cheitany: The Mars Curiosity Rover is my most memorable robot.

Edward: My favourite robot is Marvin from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe.

What’s the quirkiest thing you’ve made with your programming skills so far?

Cheitany: The quirkiest program that I made was a simulation of a robot which rotates in a circle and stops only when there is something in front of it.

Edward: Haven't really made anything that quirky with programming skills.

Do you have any robots at home? And if not, what would be the first robot you’d buy?

Cheitany: I do have an Arduino Kit at home which I am planning to use to control LEDs in my house.

Edward: I'd love to have a robot to just mow the lawn, that would be very convenient.

Prediction: What do you think we’ll be using robots for the most in ten years?

Cheitany: I predict robots will be heavily used in Automated Trucks and vehicles in the coming future.

Edward: I think it's likely that robots will be used far more frequently for commercial delivery services.

Would you recommend interning at Chironix to other students?

Cheitany: I would definitely recommend Interning for other students at Chironix because it is informative and interesting.

Edward: I would definitely recommend other students to intern with Chironix. The work they do is very unique and offers valuable experience for new engineers.

About Chironix

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Furthermore, robotics can broaden students' horizons and increase their familiarity with STEM subjects in the classroom. However, if you want to use robots in your classroom, you need to put in a lot of time and effort in advance.

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