Chironix launches Metix real-time collaboration platform for distributed teams

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August 27, 2020

Metix on Glass for Enterprise 2 is a Zoom-enabled wearable for the modern worker, helping them communicate, remain productive and collaborate with team members completely hands-freePerth – 27 August – Australian-based digital workforce pioneer Chironix today launched Metix, a real-time collaboration platform for distributed teams, on Glass for Enterprise 2 from Google. Metix is empowering more hands to help more people, bringing the best of Zoom Video Communications Inc. onto Glass, giving remote and off-site workers — whether that’s healthcare professionals or maintenance teams — a way to talk, interact and collaborate with others in remote locations anywhere they need.

For workforces that rely on their hands, traditional screen-based video conferencing setup are inhibiting or impractical, and can impede their ability to successfully perform their roles. Metix changes this, enabling workers to start and join Zoom Meetings from Glass, giving the world’s hands-on workers a new way to remain fully connected and collaborate with their teams while completing often complicated or dexterous tasks.

Metix has been in testing with numerous companies across mining, healthcare, defence and agriculture, including: Lorna Cook, Co-Founder and Company Director, Chemo@home*: Due to the impacts of COVID-19, in-home chemotherapy demand is up 50%. Faced with this, Chemo@Home has used Metix to quickly recruit, onboard and train new nurses — while maintaining high standards of care. Colleagues and management can effectively assist and guide nurses, by ‘seeing exactly what they see’ in real-time. Nurses and patients involved in the treatment use Metix to easily connect back to headquarters or experts for immediate assistance, resulting in a consistency of care and growing revenues 30% over three months and doubling the amount of treatments nurses are able to provide Peter Finn, Managing Director of Face Contracting | Host of The Full Production Podcast: In recent months, the nature of work has drastically changed, teams can often no longer work side by side. However, for distributed workers that rely on their hands, video conferencing on a traditional screen isn’t practical or possible. From maintenance teams, to quality inspections, to mining fixed infrastructure and mobile plant, Metix allows workers in often remote regions to get the job done while communicating seamlessly with their teams in HQ, or customers on the other side of the country. “Face Contracting specialises in delivering workforce management, maintenance services, and safety consulting for a variety of industries — “and without Metix, ourselves and our customers would simply not be able to operate at the current scale.”

“Zoom made video conferencing and collaboration easier and more accessible for millions of knowledge workers all around the world, as we have seen in recent months,” said Daniel Milford, Founder and Managing Director of Chironix. “We wanted to make that possible for the millions of workers out in the field, who lacked an easy way to talk with their teams and share information while dealing with the physical world.

“We’re now able to give workers instant access to expert advice via a hands-free, live video conference. Colleagues and management can effectively appear on site by ‘seeing exactly what they see’ in real time. From frontline healthcare workers in remote areas to maintenance workers on site, Metix allows them to complete their tasks with assistance from their wider (often distributed) teams.”

Zoom Business Development Leader, Chris Potter, said: “We’re proud to work with Chironix to bring Zoom’s video communications platform to Glass. Having access to our platform via a hands free wearable device such as Glass is a perfect fit for our customers.” Metix offers a means to realise business transformation and streamline operations by enabling better management of distributed teams and better deployment of staff. It also solves the headache of keeping distributed workers connected to teams without impeding their ability to get the job done.

Metix is part of Australian company Chironix’s aim to provide an effective and seamless interface between humans and cutting-edge technology, such as wearables and robots.Check out what people have been saying from around the web.

AusBiz TV Televised Link Australian Financial Review: Zoom video calls come to your glasses. The Australian: Perth’s Chironix brings Zoom calls to glassesThe West Australian (+10 syndications): Coronavirus crisis: chemo@home partners with Chironix to meet surging demand for treatments (Secured by John at Media Stable)CRN: Aussie ISV Chironix brings Zoom conferencing tech to Google Glass IT Brief Australia: Aussie firm Chironix brings Zoom to Google Glass Enterprise EditionTo find out more, visit the Metix site hereDisclaimer*Glass Enterprise Edition 2 (“Glass”) is not certified as a medical device. Google does not intend for Glass to be used for clinical or diagnostic purposes. Validation of the Metix software and its use cases on Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is the sole responsibility of Chironix. Google does not collect any personal information (including personal health information) you provide on Glass, and makes no representations about the personal information Chironix collects from Glass.