With the MRS1000 multi-layer scanner, SICK has developed a 3D LiDAR sensor which accurately and reliably detects and measures objects in good time and in multiple dimensions. By collecting large volumes of data on multiple scan layers and from different angles, it can detect and respond to objects on the floor as well as objects that are obstructing the path. The MRS1000 is characterized by a high degree of ruggedness even when subject to adverse environmental influences such as rain, dust, and fog. The new HDDM+ process, with multi-echo evaluation, ensures the reliable detection of objects and accurate measurement results. Versatile fields of application, make this an efficient all-rounder among 3D LiDAR sensors.

The MRS1104C-111011 stands out due to its high performance. It allows for scanning over four spread-out layers at a horizontal aperture angle of 275°, and can even measure at different angles nearly simultaneously. The MRS1000 therefore has a much more detailed level of visibility than a 2D LiDAR sensor. The MRS1000 can not only detect in two dimensions, but can also detect three-dimensionally throughout the additional layers, thereby identifying objects lying on the ground as well as objects which protrude into the vehicle path from above.


Four spread layers and a 275° aperture angle

High weather resistance and reliability through HDDM+ with multi-echo technology

Field evaluation and measured data in one sensor

Easy configuration, with the ability to adapt to a changing environment

Convenient and customer-friendly diagnostics via web server

  • Dimentions
  • Weight
    1.2 kg
  • Max Payload
  • Reach
  • User Power
  • Field of View
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