LIMO - Your Guide to the New Education-Robot from AgileX

Product Update

Date published
July 12, 2022
Raymond Yong
Business and Technical Support

Robots are the future. But how do we help our future engineers prepare for this and help them learn how to code these robots? One way is to make coding robots more accessible. Limo is a new education platform from AgileX that enables this. It's designed to operate with ROS and utilises a simulation platform to help learn the skills of coding robots.

The LIMO has been built as a customisable, multi-modal mobile robot with open-source ROS packages. This compact robot allows any researcher, enthusiast or student to program robots easier. As mentioned earlier, LIMO is multi-modal meaning that it contains several steering modes. These include:

  • Omni-directional steering
  • Tracked steering
  • Ackermann
  • Four-wheel differential

Alongside these different drive modes, the LIMO is paired with sensors such as a LiDAR and an infrared camera to allow path planning, mapping and navigation, obstacle detection, SLAM and V-SLAM.

From my perspective as a final year student at university, the LIMO is a great tool and learning opportunity for anyone who is getting started in learning ROS. With the utilisation of the simulation table, programmers can start to appreciate how largely ROS is used within the robotics industry. The simulation table and the ROS packages available by AgileX allow programmers to explore letter detection, colour recognition on a traffic light and many more functions.

LIMO education robot on a simulation table.
Limo on the simulation table

AgileX is a robotics company founded in 2016 that has the vision to allow all industries to improve productivity and efficiency through robots. They have developed a full line-up of robotics chassis that fully meet all industry requirements, including general unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), indoor global automated vehicle (AGV), and tracked chassis.

To learn more about LIMO visit the product page, and for sales enquiries feel free to contact us through