Chironix is thriving in the emergent world of cyber physical systems


Date published
August 12, 2020

Chironix provided the Governor with an update on our technology development and current collaborations in defence.

This included showcasing four robots currently being worked on for a contract with the Defence Science Technology Group.We were pleased to take the opportunity to showcase our work embracing the new technologies including robotics and wearables. The Governor noted it was a “Fascinating visit. Companies like Chironix are a real asset to the State and are another example of how WA is a world leader in these fields. It was great to see the robotic technology in action.”Our Managing Director, Daniel Milford introduced the Governor to ‘Pluto’ – one or our Spot minis from Boston Dynamics and three newly delivered autonomous ground vehicles from Clearpath.

The future of work will demand the use of smart machines to eliminate the dull, dirty and dangerous tasks. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the humans and robotic workforce by enhancing the human operator with wearable technologies. See the Governor’s update here: