Velodyne Lidar Puck VLP-16 Left HandVelodyne Lidar Puck VLP-16 Right 900Velodyne Lidar Puck VLP-16 Left 900Velodyne Lidar Puck VLP-16 Front2 900Velodyne Lidar Puck VLP-16 Front 900
Velodyne Lidart Puck VLP-16 Blue
Velodyne Lidar Puck VLP-16 Left Hand
Velodyne Lidar Puck VLP-16 Right 900
Velodyne Lidar Puck VLP-16 Left 900
Velodyne Lidar Puck VLP-16 Front2 900
Velodyne Lidar Puck VLP-16 Front 900

Velodyne Puck

The highest value sensor on the market. The Puck’s reliability, power-efficiency, and surround view make it the ideal solution for affordable low speed autonomy and driver assistance applications.



A Smart, Powerful Lidar Solution

The Puck is a small, compact lidar that is optimized for usage across a variety of applications, including automotive, mapping, robotics, security, smart cities and more.

Patented Surround View Technology

The Puck, built on Velodyne’s ‘558 patent, provides a full 360-degree environmental view to deliver accurate real-time 3D data.


100 m range with compact form factor

Proven 905 nm tech, with largest install base

Top-of-the-line field-of-view

Best-in-class accuracy and calibrated intensity

Best-in-class power and temperature range

Sensor-to-sensor interference mitigation feature


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