SCOUT2.0 has been remolded to enhance its cooling and safety system capabilities.  SCOUT has been designed and built with the concept of being suitable for any application and environment in mind. The refined compact design expands SCOUT’s indoor capabilities; the independent suspension allows SCOUT to adapt to various terrains; the zero turning radius allows for easy control in narrow situations; and the standardized protocols and interfaces facilitate rapid secondary development.

This platform can be fitted with  a number of different payloads to expand capabilities across a range of use cases including: inspection, transportation and mapping.


Structural Advantages

The body size of SCOUT2.0 has been reduced by 25% from that of SCOUT1.0, this allows it to seamlessly transition from indoor to outdoor environments increasing the possibilities for deployment.

SCOUT2.0 implements the same four-wheel drive feature that was used for SCOUT1.0 with each wheel having an independent 200w brushless servo motor. SCOUT2.0 also adopts double-transverse arm independent suspension, greatly improving the adaptability to traverse a wide range of terrain while ensuring payloads are kept stable. As a result, it can easily surmount 10cm obstacles.


External Expansion and Secondary Development Supported

SCOUT2.0, contains an independent control system which is utilized for motion control. This control system can be interfaced through serial port / standard CAN busbar and allows for secondary development through the use of an open source  SDK or ROS.




Tech Specs


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