Kinova Gen 3 Collaborative Robot (2)Kinova Gen 3 Collaborative Robot (3)Kinova Gen 3 Collaborative Robot (4)
Kinova Gen 3 Collaborative Robot (5)
Kinova Gen 3 Collaborative Robot (2)
Kinova Gen 3 Collaborative Robot (3)
Kinova Gen 3 Collaborative Robot (4)

Kinova Gen 3

Extremely versatile and portable, the KINOVAGen3 Ultra lightweight robot is pathbreaking, built from the ground up to meet the evolving needs of academic and industry research teams.


Adaptable for all levels of expertise so you can get started quickly

Easy to set up in under 30 minutes, you can start performing simple tasks with your Gen3 right away. Thanks to its modular hardware and robust KINOVA KORTEXTM open API software, including new teaching modes, you can adapt and control your robot to perform complex applications.

High-level and low-level control

1 kHz closed-loop control at low level

Smart actuators with integrated torque sensors

Optional integrated 2D/3D vision module

Open end-effector interface module

Gen3 speaks your language

Get a head start on your projects so you can achieve results faster and publish results sooner.

ROS, MATLAB® and Simulink® packages

Closed-loop , low-level control at 1kHz

Advanced programming in C++ and Python environments

Gazebo and MoveIt simulation environments

Intuitive web app connects from any desktop or mobile device

Control, convenience and connectivity

The Gen3 embedded controller makes it extremely practical and simple to connect your robot in a number of ways and is adaptable for multiple application needs. In fact, you have multiple ways of controlling it, including bypassing the controller for direct access to each individual actuator with closed-loop control at 1kHz.


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Tech Specs


Weight 7.2kg 8.2kg
Payload 4 mid-range contious kg 4 mid-range contious kg
Power Consumprtion 36W 36W
Reach 902 mm 902 mm






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