HUNTER implements Ackermann steering by wire-controlled chassis and therefore exhibits automobile-like characteristics. It is suitable for hard surface such as ordinary cement and asphalt roads. Its structure was designed to feature small mechanical wear, long operational period and high load capacity all while allowing for a high operational speed.


Car-like design for more possibilities

Developed based on the Ackermann model, HUNTER is ideal for driving on cement, asphalt and other ordinary roads; it independent front steering motor and swing arm suspension can adapt to various deceleration strips and obstacles.

  • Natural structure advantage, small tire wear and strong load capacity
  • Independent motor design perfectly solves the power distribution issue caused by the differential

Multiple-load expansion, rapid secondary development

HUNTER, contains an independent control system which is utilized for motion control. This control system can be interfaced through serial port / standard CAN busbar and allows for secondary development through the use of an open source  SDK or ROS.





Tech Specs


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