HUNTER 2.0 is designed for Low-speed Autonomous Driving scenarios, leveraging front-wheel Ackermann steering and rocker suspension to cope with obstacles along its way. The new-generation power system offers better payload capacity and longer endurance. The revolutionary design utilization of a battery bin enables a quick-change process. HUNTER 2.0 comes with the CAN\232 interface for secondary development.



Customized Chassis Solution

The HUNTER 2.0 battery pack is lithium iron phosphate-based, offering flexible configurayion to meet your task-based capacity needs. Customized speed planning up to 10 km/h is available to meet the needs of the user in various autonomous driving scenarios and supports a wide set of use cases for industrial-grade robotics.

  • Portable battery packs are provided with two capacity options for easy switch.
  • Battery Management System (BMS) ensures safe operation.
  • Speed planning up to 10 km/h is supported.


Brand-new Power System

HUNTER 2.0 continues the simple and elegant look of the HUNTER series with all-steel body, 400w dual servo motor drive, independent front wheel steering and a robust, precisely controlled power system to support smooth running, whether indoors or outdoors.


Safe and Reliable Power-off Parking

HUNTER 2.0’s slope parking feature allows a reliable standstill on a slop, thanks to the well-designed drive train. In the event of power outage or failure of the vehicle while traversing slopped terrains, wheels will be locked in place without slipping to ensure stable and reliable safety performance.


Multiple-load expansion, rapid secondary development

HUNTER, contains an independent control system which is utilized for motion control. This control system can be interfaced through serial port / standard CAN busbar and allows for secondary development through the use of an open source  SDK or ROS.





Tech Specs


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