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Our New Look

Since launching in 2017, Chironix has experienced substantial growth as we’ve evolved from a startup to a small business. We are building a reputation as an emerging tech company and felt it was time to develop a brand identity that reflected this. 

The Chironix logo and brand has undergone a transformation that reflects our philosophy and ethos on many levels. The logo points forward indicating our intent to always stay at the forefront of technology. The three elements reflect the convergence of our three technology streams: Robotics; Wearables; and Machine Learning and Cloud. They are all moving towards the same outcome, creating systems that humans can work with in a natural manner.

The middle element is reminiscent of an arrowhead, a reference to our namesake Chiron, the Centaur noted throughout Greek mythology for his skills in medicine and for educating many of the Greek Heroes. After being hit by a poisoned arrow, Chiron gave up his immortality to save Prometheus and was placed among the stars as the constellation Centaurus. Visible in our southern sky Centaurus is also home to Alpha Centauri, the closest star system to the Sun.

We’ve maintained a striking and bold colour palette based in red. It is energising and strong while still maintaining a sense of warmth, expressing the qualities we espouse as a team.

Chironix work in new technology which can sometimes feel overly technical, with the human benefits difficult to understand. We are seeking to present our activities and services to our clients in a clear manner, beginning with this website. 

We are delighted to present our new branding and updated website and look forward to this marking a new phase in our growth.

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